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Flexible Circuits (Flex PCB)

As a flexible printed circuit board exporter in the flex PCB (flexible circuit) industry, Best FPC is a quick turn manufacturer of polyimide and polyester flexible printed circuit boards(FPCB). Some of the markets we serve are medical, instrumentation, aerospace, industrial, and other wide range of consumer electronics.

Full Product Lines of Flexible Circuits

Our product lines includes single sided flex circuitsdual access flexible PCB double sided flexible circuitmulti-layer Flex circuits and rigid-flex circuits. We work shoulder by shoulder with our customers to achieve the quality, delivery, and cost objectives for their projects of Flex PCB ( FPCB). We are a flexible printed circuit source that can accommodate your customized program initiatives such as ship to stock.

Flexible Circuits Quality Guarantee

Quality is the vital! We have a very good Flex PCB ( FPCB) warranty policy to guarantee against any potential imperfections of Flexible Circuits (Flex Circuits). All of our factories are strictly follow the operation procedures stipulated in ISO9001:2000 in respect to material purchasing, product manufacturing, testing, packing, etc. of flexible circuits. More...

Flexible Circuits Video